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Monday, June 25, 2012

A zero "Gas" week

Since Grant has been out of school for the summer we have not used my car much at all!  In fact last week was a zero gas week. We did all our commuting by the Big Dummy (aka) the Sherpa. To his swimming practices and to Kroger. A swimming update they are the 3 and 0  at his last meet he missed the pool record in the Breaststroke by 1 second. He got 2 first places and 1 fourth place. !!!!!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day week end with the whole family

It was an incredable week end to have all the children at home! we went to a local beach and to a family friends pool party. I got to take the one of my grand children on a ride on the "Dummy" (Adelyn) she is 3 yrs. Stone is 18 months and I don't have the "Pea pod" hooked up. He is a little to young to hold on. Needless to say Adelyn loved it and did not want get off, so her dad and I took turns with the rides even her uncle "G" got in on the fun. We plan to see them in August they live in TN.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tour of Flint 5/19/2012

Today Grant and I did our first organized ride of the year the "Tour of Flint" wow what a great ride the weather was so nice 80 degrees the company was so nice the tour of the city was so nice. Through old historic neighbor hoods along  the Flint river there is a lot of history in that city that goes unappreciated unless you see it by bike. The tour consisted of 2/15 mile loops the Biped-alist team just did one loop. A big thanks to every one who helped organize it .

Thursday, May 17, 2012

First year for the Organic Garden

After reading Dr, Asa Andrews  book Empowering your Health and  watching the Documentary" Forks over Spoons " I have decided to start my own garden so I can control some of the quality of the vegatables
that my family eats. So Grant and I started a garden it has two sections they both are 4'x4'  one section is 8" deep and the other is 12" deep for root vegi's.

So far we have Romaine Lettuce , Multi color leaf lettuce , Cauliflower , Broccoli , Sweet Onions , Red Onions,  Sweet Red Peppers, Green Peppers,  Pimiento Peppers , three kinds of Tomatoes, and Spinach, the Spinach is not up yet.

So it is going very well so far Grant and I go out every morning and water and talk to our garden.

He can not wait until we can pic the Vegi's He is an impatiant gardener