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Thursday, May 17, 2012

First year for the Organic Garden

After reading Dr, Asa Andrews  book Empowering your Health and  watching the Documentary" Forks over Spoons " I have decided to start my own garden so I can control some of the quality of the vegatables
that my family eats. So Grant and I started a garden it has two sections they both are 4'x4'  one section is 8" deep and the other is 12" deep for root vegi's.

So far we have Romaine Lettuce , Multi color leaf lettuce , Cauliflower , Broccoli , Sweet Onions , Red Onions,  Sweet Red Peppers, Green Peppers,  Pimiento Peppers , three kinds of Tomatoes, and Spinach, the Spinach is not up yet.

So it is going very well so far Grant and I go out every morning and water and talk to our garden.

He can not wait until we can pic the Vegi's He is an impatiant gardener

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