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Sunday, September 18, 2011

First sept ride to the market

Today for some reason it was hard to get grant motivated to go on our ride. He lost his tooth at his cousins house yesterday and the tooth fairy came last night so he had some money and the five dollar coupon from riding his bike to the market. So I suggested that we go to the market and we could buy something.

Well once we got to the market he was excited , we decided to look for some candles for mom it was so busy there. We looked up and down both sides of the market with no luck finding any candles. He did not want to buy anything for himself just for his mom.
So we decided to go to the park. where it took him no time to make friends , we had to lock our bikes even though they were right next to us.

I love to go on our adventures , sometimes it is hard to get you children to open up and talk to you, when ever we go for a ride it is just a few minutes and he is talking up a storm , about his friends ,school, questions about things you would never imagine.

It is some of the best quality time

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