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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stone Hinge Ride

Fall ride through some trails close to where we live . As you can see just about all the leaves are off of the trees. I am not sure which leaves are more slippery wet fresh fallen or old dry leaves. I think that they both are very slippery. This fall and winter I am running a very aggressive mountain tire , having that tire helps on the trails and is a added form of security.

Today something happened that has not happened to me in quite a long time I got lost. Well lost is a temporary term even at that it still will increase your heart rate and make you very conscious of the time. In the area I was in I knew that with in about 30 minutes in any direction that I would go I would hit a road. I knew that I had about 4hours before I had to pic up the Gman. so I was not too worried.

With the amount of leaves on the "so called trail" it was hard to follow if you do not pay attention you can get side tracked which is what happened to me. Backtracking is also and adventure that is when paying attention to landmarks is important so thank goodness for Grand Blanc Stone Hinge. Remember always keep your eyes open.


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