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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My journey back into cycling, My old vintage Bianchi road bike (That is not me in the Pic Ha,)

I did most of my cycling in the late 70's through the 80's it consisted mostly commuting to the LBS where I worked. Also commuting to my high school, I lived in a different school district than I attended so that meant that I either was driven to school by my father at 5:30am on his way to work or ride my bike. So summer months I road my bike and winter months I got to school real early. Touring the great state of Michigan, riding along the Great Lakes has incredible memories. From the late 80's my cycling went dormant with my Bianchi going into storage not to come out of "hibernation" until 2008 that was about 23 years.When my youngest son Grant the second half of the "biped-alist" team showed an never ending interest in cycling I knew it was time to wake her up. Cycling with your children I can not talk enough about this. When cycling with your family it seems like before you get your first mile in you are talking about things you would never discuss if you asked them out right, they just seem to open up and talk about school, their friends, what they want to be, and what makes the world go round.

I wish that I would not taken that time off of cycling.


  1. Cycling with fmily does wonders for the family, you're right, especially for less confident dads like me: I love being able to go off with the boys and look at things. Our big dutch cargo bike is perfect for this as the Boys are in front of me so we can see things together.

    They're usually in front on their own bikes as well, but out of earshot...

  2. yes I hope to build a long tail this winter.Sometimes we ride home from his school he is in the 2nd. Grade . It is amazing when we ride bikes home from school by the time we get home he has told me everything that happened that day at school, stories about his friends ETC.When I pic him up in the car he does not start to open up until the drive way and then the subject matter changes. Give me a ride home on the bike any day.