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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 25 ride at Holdridge MBT

It has been awhile since I have been out on the trails. I felt real good this morning so after dropping the "Gman" off at school me and "Lucky" our Akita headed for the trails. It started to sprinkle a little on the way there so I checked the weather on my phone and it still said a chance of showers , who cares!. I have contemplated the east loop or maybe I should say "dreamed about it many times before but have never done it". The east loop is 15.5 miles and is rated intermediate to advanced level . So I text ed my wife where I was and my plan I left a trail map on my windshield wiper with east loop circled and off I went.

It was an amazing ride , you can do cardio in the gym on bikes and it does not come close to a 20 degree grade to 25 degree for maybe 100 yards in wet soil. It took about 3 miles before i really got warmed up I took my first break at 5 miles now when I say break I mean break off the bike on a bench break. Believe you me there were many walking my bike up a steep incline right after a switch back it still is pretty nerve racking the leaves are covering a lot of the roots and rocks on the trail so 2 hands on the bars are a requirement. I am running 50 lbs, of pressure in my tires even with a hardtail that lower pressure helps with the obstacles.

At about the half way point I did say the same thing I said on the west loop when I had Street tires still on ( what have I gotten myself in too) . So I stopped took off my helmet and wiped my face and said this trail is 3 times as long as the west loop and "You can do it Duffymoon" that is a saying that my wifes grand father said while teaching. I did meet a friend along the way a stuffed animal "Scoby Doo" have no idea how he got back there.

Once I got back there my other buddy was sure glad to see me she (lucky) said where were you dad you were gone longer than you usually are.

Ps. there is nothing like being outside on your bike.


  1. Did you do the whole trail? That's a long way! Glad to see you're being safe by letting every one know where you are at. One smart cookie you are.

  2. Yes I did it and I payed for it the next two days , real sore!!!