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Monday, October 10, 2011

Our first cycling clubs meeting and ride

Sunday was our clubs first mee ting and ride. I think we had a pretty good turn out there were about 15 riders at the meeting. There were a lot of experienced riders as well as beginners Grant is the youngest rider. The meeting went well with some very good questions , we discussed what the members wanted in a club and what type of rides do we want. Sad to say we will not meet again until spring.

After the meeting we did go on a short ride, We were limited do to time. The ride was to one of Grand Blanc's hidden jewels , Grant was excited to find out what the jewel was, he kept asking if it was a treasure and were was it. After quite a few "are we there yets" we reached the treasure it was the Grand Blanc historical museum at first I thought Grant was going to be bored but much to my disbelief he was the one to keep the tour guides on their toes with many questions . He learned how to use an antique typewriter, and he got to play a player Piano that was almost 100 years old. He very much liked it and did not want to leave.

It was a very nice day and nice ride.

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