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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Solo ride Holdridge MBT Holly MI. 10/13/11

Today I did a solo ride at Holdridge with out the G man. This morning it looked like rain so I was not sure if I would be able to get a ride in. By the time i got back from taking Grant to school the sun started to peek through the clouds so I said to my self I am going to go for it. I thought that I would try to get hopefully at least one more color ride in this fall the leaves have turned and are falling very fast.

At the trail I felt really good and decided to do the whole West Loop Which is 6 miles it is rated beginner to intermediate. Grant and I have always done the North loop before. So off I went I got the first mile in and It started to get pretty technical thats not to bad in its self but last night we got a little rain and the trails were covered in damp leaves which makes the roots of the trees and the rocks on the trails hard to see the damp leaves made cornering hazardous . My bike is a hard tail with no front suspension so it was very slow going I said to my self what have i gotten my self in to.

It did smooth out after I got into my grove, and I had a good ride besides any time I am out on my bike is a good day , but I must say I did miss my best buddy the G man .

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