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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Solo ride with out the G-man the second half of the Bipedal-alist

Today was another Indian summer day Grant was in school and I could not let the nice day go by and not get out on the trails. I try to get out as much as possible even if the weather is not so nice, so today being in the high 50's I dropped "G" offf at school and went to the gym and did my therapy routine and then hit the trails.

The last time is was there the leaves posed a problem, being slippery and covering the rocks and roots making the route very slow and cautious.This morning I decided to take off the 100psi, 1.25 street tires that I have ran all summer and the last time I was at Hold Bridge I said to my self that I have to change tires so I put my aggressive tread 2.215 mountain bike tires rated at 55psi.

Boy how the proper equipment makes a difference the same trip today with the different tires was the difference of night and day the first loop was 5 miles and it took me half the time with the new tires than the street tires. The lower pressure was awesome with the obstacles the tread helped with the traction and the climbs. It was a much more enjoyable ride. I was able to glide over most of the obstacles ever though my bike is a hard tail with no suspension at all its amazing how much the tires alone absorb most of the obstacles.

We should have a lot of great fall rides , I cant wait to get on the trails with the G-man .

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